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Frequency Domain EM

SGL Airborne Mapping and Environmental Geophysics with a Fixed-wing Frequency-domain Electromagnetic System
G. Hodges/S. Sander/M. Argyle, 78th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2016, Vienna, Austria, 31 May 2016

SGL Environmental and Geotechnical Mapping with a Fixed-wing Frequency-domain Electromagnetic System
G. Hodges/E. Daly/L. Lafrenière/Y. O'Connell, Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems 2016, Denver Colorado, 20-24 March 2016

SGL Groundwater and Land Resources in Tellus Border Coastal Zones
Y. O'Connell/E. Daly, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland and Geological Survey of Ireland Open Report, 65pp, November 2013

SGL Environmental Applications of Airborne Geophysics--Groundwater and Contaminated Soil in Finland, Germany and United Kingdom
M. Lahti/H. Vanhala/A. Mattsson/D. Beamish/J. Lerssi, Aerogeophysics in Finland 1972-2004, Geological Survey of Finland, Special Paper 39, 155-175, 2005