SGL Survey Uncovers Critical Minerals Potential in Maine

November 2022 - An airborne magnetic and radiometric survey flown by Sander Geophysics in northern Maine has resulted in the discovery of critical minerals that include the rare earth elements niobium and zirconium, after follow-up groundwork. The findings have been published in the journal, Economic Geology and are summarized in a recent USGS press release. As reported in the press release, "The project has resulted in rewriting of the geologic and tectonic history of the region, and the Earth MRI airborne geophysical survey greatly helps the bedrock mapping and assessment of mineral potential”.

Scientists Discover Significant Critical Minerals Potential in Northern Maine

USGS (, 10 November 2022

SGL Begins Flying Large Multi-Parameter Survey in Oman

August 2022 - Sander Geophysics is very pleased to have started flying this airborne electromagnetic, magnetic, radiometric and gravity survey over Oman. Data is being gathered simultaneously using SGL's de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter, registration C-GSGF.

Sander Geophysics begins flying airborne survey in Oman

Omani News Agency (@OmanNewsAgency), 22 August 2022

SGL Flying a Large Fixed Wing and Helicopter Survey over the Northeastern US

August 2022 - Sander Geophysics is pleased to have been selected to fly a large magnetic and radiometric fixed wing and helicopter survey over the northeastern US (includes northern Maryland, southern Pennsylvania, northeastern West Virginia and northernmost Virginia). This survey will be flown between 300 to 1,000 feet above the ground as part of the USGS Earth Mapping Resource Initiative (Earth MRI) project. This nationwide collaboration between the USGS and state geologists will enhance the fundamental knowledge of the geologic framework of the area and according to the USGS the benefits provided include the ability to evaluate natural resources, groundwater and earthquake hazards.

Flights above Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia to map geology

USGS (, 10 August 2022

Flying Low: U.S. Geological Survey to do aerial measurements over Pennsylvania

abc27 News (, 11 August 2022