Office Activities

A wide variety of activities take place at the head office in Ottawa.

Annual Events

  • chili cook-off
  • pancake breakfast
  • ice cream on the office roof (a few times in the summer)
  • employee appreciation barbecue
  • cross-country ski day
  • curling evening
  • children's Christmas party
  • adult Christmas party
office activities

Ongoing Events

Barbecue Every Few Months


from sausages, burgers to roast chicken with corn on the cob, pulled pork and Mexican (with freshly made guacamole and pico de gallo) ...


either in the second floor kitchen overlooking the airport, in the hangar or outside beside the volleyball court


  • running club
  • yoga
  • exercise class: inside or outside at a nearby green space in warmer weather
  • SGL gym available 24/7
  • volleyball on SGL's outdoor court in the summer
  • hockey at a local outdoor rink in the winter
office activities

Language Classes

beginner and intermediate Spanish and French classes once a week


SGL has given time once a week for the SGL OttawaReads group to volunteer to read one-on-one to kindergarten children at a local public school that has a significant number of newcomers to Canada, to encourage the enhancement of the students literacy skills.