Technical Papers

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Frequency Domain EM


SGL Top seven questions investors need to ask about geophysical anomalies
G. Hodges, The Northern Miner, 25 September 2017

SGL Technology Optimizes Lateral Spacing
S. DeVerse/S. Maus, The American Oil & Gas Reporter, April 2017

SGL Magnetic Referencing and Real-Time Survey Processing Enables Tighter Spacing of Long-Reach Wells
S. Maus, Magnetic Variation Services/S. DeVerse, Surco, SPE Liquids-Rich Basins Conference - North America, Midland, Texas, September 2015

SGL The Cauca-Patia Basin of Colombia: Applying Multidisciplinary Methods to Improve the Exploration Evaluation of a Frontier Inter-montane Basin
D. Westlund/C. Caulfield/J. Witte/M. Moussallem, First CSEG/EAGE Joint Workshop, 23-25 September 2014, Banff, Canada

SGL Subsurface geologic features of the 2011 central Virginia earthquakes revealed by airborne geophysics
A.K. Shah/J.W. Horton/W.C. Burton/D.B. Spears/A.K. Gilmer, The Geological Society of America, 6 June 2014

SGL Aeromagnetic surveying using a simulated unmanned aircraft system
R.M. Caron/C. Samson/P. Straznicky/S. Ferguson/L. Sander, European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers, 2013

SGL Magnetic and magneto-gradiometric surveying using a simulated unmanned aircraft system
R. Caron/C. Samson/P. Straznicky/S. Ferguson/R. Archer/L. Sander, SEG San Antonio 2011 Annual Meeting

SGL Designing and building an unmanned aircraft system for aeromagnetic surveying
C. Samson/P. Straznicky/J. Laliberté/R. Caron/S. Ferguson/R. Archer, SEG Denver 2010 Annual Meeting

SGL Qualitative and quantitative interpretation of airborne gravity and HRAM targets structures for prospect-scale 2D seismic: Southern Maranon Basin, Peru
H.D. Geiger/E. Velasquez/J.F. Ceron/D.M. Dolberg, 72nd EAGE Conference and Exhibition - Workshops and Field trips, 13 June 2010

SGL Fusion of Airborne Gravity and Magnetic Images for Improved Detection of Structural Control
H. Hassan/J. Peirce, Back to Exploration - 2008 CSPG CSEG CWLS Convention

SGL How much noise can we tolerate in horizontal gradiometer data?
L. Sander/F. Moul, SEG 2004 - Workshop on Magnetic Gradient, Denver, October 2004

SGL Aeromagnetic survey in southern West Greenland:  project Aeromag 1999
T. Rasmussen/J. van Gool