December 2007

Sander Geophysics has begun flying the QUEST airborne gravity survey for Geoscience BC, and is currently based in Prince George.  As of Monday, December 12th the gravity survey is over 20% complete. The QUEST Project is a geoscience initiative designed by Geoscience BC to attract mineral exploration interest and investment to central British Columbia.

Fall 2007

SGL has asked Carleton University students to design an unmanned air vehicle (UAV) for challenging survey missions close to the ground.  This airborne vehicle must be modular, robust, low-cost, and only require a two-person ground crew for launch, recovery and control.

Summer 2007

Steady growth continues at Sander Geophysics.   Three Diamond Aircraft DA42 Twin Stars are new additions to the fleet.   AIRGrav is the system of choice for superior high resolution airborne gravity surveys and Sander has a new scanning LiDAR system, SGLas which produces high resolution digital elevation models.

  • SGL News 2007
  • Sander Geophysics, Summer 2007, Ottawa, Canada (pdf - 717 KB)