December 2003

Sander Geophysics has started flying an airborne gravity survey near Timmins, Ontario for Discover Abitibi.  The survey is being flown with Sander Geophysics' proprietary AIRGrav system, and it is intended to aid in the mapping of regional geology within this important mining belt.  The survey was originally planned as a ground survey, but SGL successfully demonstrated that a fixed-wing AIRGrav survey can match the accuracy and resolution of a ground gravity survey and can deliver significant cost and time savings.  Additional information about the survey is available on the Discover Abitibi website.

October 2003

Sander Geophysics now has an aircraft in Brazil ready for surveying.  With our Brazilian partner, AeroSat we have licensed and registered a specially modified geophysical aircraft for work in Brazil.  The aircraft was brought from Canada and registered in Brazil, and now carries the registration PT-MGX. The aircraft is equipped to conduct airborne gravity, magnetic, and gamma ray spectrometer surveys.  Airborne gravity surveys are conducted with SGL's proprietary AIRGrav system which is a purpose built airborne gravimeter.   This system has flown gravity surveys in North and South America, Africa and the Middle East.

October 2003

SGL has recently acquired three new aircraft for geophysical surveying, including two fixed-wing aircraft and a helicopter. The company now has a total of ten modern survey aircraft, including six turbine engine Cessna 208B Grand Caravans and a Eurocopter AS 350 B3 helicopter.  All SGL aircraft have been extensively modified to reduce their magnetic effect.

September 2003

SGL flew an AIRGrav test survey just north of the town of Timmins, which includes the airport and the Kidd Creek mine site.   AIRGrav test survey data set is now available on the Discover Abitibi website or it can be obtained from SGL directly. The data set contains the AIRGrav data, ground gravity data and the survey report.

July 2003

SGL has recently completed and tested a second AIRGrav system.  This system is a purpose built gravimeter designed for the rigors of the airborne environment, and suitable for fixed-wing or helicopter surveying.  Fixed-wing AIRGrav surveys typically result in airborne gravity data with an accuracy of 0.2 mGal over a two kilometer half sine wave anomaly.

June 2003

A number of employees at SGL are now licensed under the new Professional Geoscientists Act of Ontario, allowing them to use the professional designation P.Geo.  The license is administered by the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO).

April/May 2003

Airborne gravity technologies have advanced rapidly in the last decade with the precision of differential GPS and laser survey devices.

January 2003

Sander Geophysics called in to help locate radioactive device in northern Alberta.