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To Adventurous and Enthusiastic Pilots

Who SGL is Looking For

Sander Geophysics is looking for skilled and enthusiastic individuals who will embrace the company culture, values, and work ethic. Pilots who are able to maintain a harmonious working relationship with their colleagues and to uphold the company's reputation and good name in all dealings with communities, clients, and regulatory authorities including off duty time while in the field. SGL wants mentors and leaders to help move SGL forward as we are always seeking ways to improve.

on final BGBW

SGL Twin Otter on final, Narsarsuaq, Greenland

Flight Crew Requirements

  • Commercial pilot license
  • Category 1 medical certificate
  • Night rating
  • Passport
  • A Group 1 instrument rating is required for flying as Pilot-in-Command
  • Having previous international experience is an asset