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Career Progression

Pilots hired as a copilot may advance from junior to senior ranks as applicable and then into the company’s pilot in command under mentor (PICUM) program. PICUM is the middle ground between copilot and captain positions and allows potential candidates to sit in the left seat and gain planning, decision‐making and flight experience as pilot in command under the supervision and mentorship of an approved training captain.


Nahanni, Northwest Territories

To qualify for PICUM, pilots must have a minimum of 200 survey hours with SGL or 4 months of field work, and 1200 total flight hours. Once accepted into the PICUM program, and prior to consideration for upgrade to captain, pilots require a minimum of 100 PICUM hours and/or 2 complete months field work in PICUM program, and a minimum 500 hours total pilot in command (including PICUM time). Captains may advance from junior to senior to training ranks.